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Specialising in anxiety, depression, bereavement, anger, parenting and relationship issues


Anxiety is a natural part of the human repertoire of feelings. However, sometimes its vital role of protecting us from danger can become all consuming and take over our life. You may experience an intense level of generalised anxiety, severe panic attacks or debilitating phobias in relation to specific objects or situations.

I understand how paralysing anxiety can be, and how it can make your world very small. I have helped clients in significantly reducing both their generalised anxiety and specific phobias, for example social anxiety, health anxiety, fear of flying or using the underground. Depending on your preference, our therapeutic approach is likely to include a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and an exploration of the origins of your anxiety issues to achieve lasting change.


Depression is not just feeling a little low. It is a real illness that often includes specific physical symptoms as well as persistent feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. Whether you have been struggling with recurring episodes of depression for a long time or experience it for the very first time, please know that there is help available and that you do not have to suffer in silence.


I have particular experience supporting clients in their recovery from depression. It may have started in connection with bodily changes such as pregnancy or birth or environmental changes such as the darker winter months. Sometimes, we need to study a situation more closely to understand how a depression began. If you have a history of depression, I can offer you proven tools and techniques to reduce the frequency and intensity of your depressive episodes alongside any medication you may take. 


We all know that death is part of life. However, this knowledge doesn't at all prepare us for the reality of losing a loved one. Especially when a death occurs suddenly or there are unresolved issues, grief can be very complex and overwhelming. You may feel numbness or deep sadness, exhaustion or anger; you may cry all the time or not at all; you may feel utterly helpless.

What is most important to me when working with bereavement and loss is to support a healthy grieving process. This means giving space to all feelings and thoughts and helping you to adjust to a life without the deceased. This may involve practical steps as well as processing powerful feelings of guilt or regret or coming to terms with your own mortality. Your whole life may seem like it's been turned upside down, and you may find yourself reassessing your direction and priorities. 

Anger Management

People differ in how prone they are to anger. While some hardly ever get angry, others easily see red. If your anger seems out of control, you've probably already noticed the harm it can cause to you and your relationships. It may show as aggression or violence towards the people or objects around you, or you may secretly take it out on yourself.


However your anger is currently expressed and however destructive it may seem, there are ways to regulate it. I can help you gain a better understanding of your anger and introduce you to specific concepts and methods to reduce its physiological, emotional and behavioural impact. I have successfully supported clients with anger issues at work, in their family, social circles and couple relationships, and they've reported a clear reduction in aggression and marked improvement of their interactions.


Being a parent is sometimes described as the toughest job on earth. What makes this role so challenging is that parents have such an influence on their children, whether they are conscious of it or not. This responsibility can weigh very heavily, especially if you are dealing with your own problems, for example mental health issues, divorce or a death in the family. 


Having worked with many adult children who carry lifelong emotional wounds because of the parenting they received, this topic is particularly close to my heart. What may feel like a big responsibility is also a unique opportunity. Many times parents act with their best intentions but may repeat unhelpful intergenerational patterns. Our therapeutic work may thus focus on building self-awareness, showing recognition, setting healthy boundaries or developing an emotional vocabulary with your children. 

Relationship Issues

Relationships are complicated. There may be differences in personality, culture or communication that get in the way of truly connecting with your partner. Or you may face more serious problems, such as infidelity, lying or domestic violence. You may feel confused whether it's time to end the relationship or if it deserves another chance. You may need to heal from a breakup.


When supporting clients with relationship issues, whether individually or as a couple, my role is to facilitate an exploration of the situation. Different conceptual frameworks like attachment or ego state theory and practical tools like communication skills and appreciations can set the scene for more honest conversations about needs and feelings. Whether you want to learn to assert yourself more in your relationship or would like help in separating amicably, I am here to support you.

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